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Samsung Soundbar Gets Dolby Atmos

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Samsung present what it claims is the first soundbar featuring Dolby Atmos-- the HW-K950, a soundbar complete with subwoofer and 2 rear wireless speakers able to rebound audio off ceilings and down towards listeners' heads.

Samsung soundbarThe HW-950 is described by the company as a 5.1.4 system, since it offers x5 surround-sound channels, x1 subwoofer and x4 channels bouncing audio off the ceiling. The system pushes a total of 500W of audio power, thanks to the 160W amp in the 8-inch sub, x9 2.5-inch drivers spread across the soundbar and rear speakers, and a 35mm wide-range tweeter in the soundbar.

For customers wanting a lower-cost Atmos-enabled soundbar option, Samsung also offers the HW-K850-- a system identical to the HW-950 in all except a lack of wireless rear satellites, allowing it to produce 3.1.2-channel sound.

“We are thrilled to bring consumers an unmatched, immersive sound experience with our first Dolby Atmos-equipped soundbars,” Samsung says. “The HW-K950 and HW-K850 provide a next-generation home entertainment audio experience by truly coming alive to surround consumers with rich, deep, and powerful 3D sound and are the ideal systems to compliment our line of televisions.”

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