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Media Solutions Debuts HDBaseT Test Generator

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Media Solutions announces the MS-TestPro-- the first HDBaseT tester with a built-in HDMI pattern generator, simplifying the in-field performance analysis process of HDBaseT devices, cabling and overall configurations.

MS-TestProThe built-in HDMI pattern generator supports both CEA and DMT resolutions up to 4K/28Hz, making it compatible with virtually every AV source and display device available. A 3.5-inch touchscreen displays basic performance diagnostics for fast analysis of connectivity signals, including go/no-go indication, cable length, pixel clock and Tx/Rx overall performance.

More advanced installers can drill down into the results for detailed analysis on the MS-TestPro screen or on any browsing via optional wifi interface. The detachable Rx and Tx modules emulate an HDBaseT transmitter or receiver device operating at pixel rates of up to 300MHz, enough to test 4K UHD device. It allows for testing of both source and sink devices installed up to 100m away.

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