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Philips Presents Hue E14 Candle

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Philips Lighting announces the Hue E14-- a candle light bulb compatible with the Hue app-controlled lighting system, available in both colour and white ambiance versions.

Philips Hue CandleThe E14 fits in a wide range of household lighting fixtures (up to 80% of sockets used across the world, the company claims), and offers identical functionality to other Hue products. It is a 40W equivalent bulb with 470 lumens brightness. Customers need to pair the candle bulb with the Hue Bridge accessory before control through the companion smartphone app.

Control features such as custom lighting colours, schedules and geo-fencing, as well as simple on/off switching. Philips says candle light bulbs are mainly used in decorative lamps for the bedroom, and the white ambiance bulb has dimming features promising better sleep.

“The candle has been one of the most requested products by Philips Hue customers," the company adds. "We’ve spent time ensuring it is of the highest quality and available in both white ambiance and white and colour ambiance. It is an important next step to ensure seamless integration in all rooms, giving you the freedom to personalise lighting throughout your home."

The E14 candle bulb should hit European markets by end April 2017.

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