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Domotz Pro Software Supports Nuvo Player

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Legrand and Domotz announce the Domotz Pro remote network management software now supports the Nuvo Player Portfolio whole home music system.

Legrand DomotzDomotz Pro software adds remote management features to the Nuvo Player Portfolio system, allowing installers and Legrand tech support to work together in real-time to quickly troubleshoot configuration and performance issues. One key feature is the ability to automatically identify and remotely reboot Player Portfolio devices and systems, and installers can quickly launch support sessions with Legrand staff and provide temporary remote access to customers' Player Portfolio systems.

In addition, Domotz Pro offers remote monitoring of Nuvo Player Portfolio zone status, networking status and connection history, as well as network status alerts when devices are offline and new devices are found. The software requires a software agent running on a network to continuously monitor devices and facilitate troubleshooting actions, and as such a Domotz Box device is recommended for professionals installing Domotz Pro on customer networks.

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