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LG and SES Show Off 4K High Frame Rate Technology

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LG joins SES to demonstrate OLED TVs featuring 4K High Frame Rate (HFR) broadcasting at the 10th SES Industry Days conference in Luxembourg.

LG SESThe 4K HFR content is transmitted live via ASTRA satellite at 19.2-degrees East, and displayed on LG OLED TVs using prototype HFR software. This makes for an opportunity to experience the "highly-improved" quality of next generation 4K HFR broadcast content.

HFR broadcast technology enhances the quality of 4K/UHD delivery by increasing the frames per second (fps) up to 120, the maximum for broadcast content. In comparison, most current technology supports 50fps or less. The enhanced fps is particularly beneficial for fast action such as sports, pushing highly fluid images without motion blur and judder.

In addition, global broadcasters and content providers are preparing for the second phase of UHD using the DVB UHD-1 Phase 2 specification. It features 4K HFR together with other cutting-edge technologies such as HDR and Next-Generation Audio (NGA).

"SES has been steadily pushing forward the development of UHD, and the Industry Days event has always been an excellent platform to showcase new TV technology,” SES says. “HFR will be an important step towards further enhancing the quality of UHD satellite transmissions, in particular for sports and reality TV events. Our continued partnership with LG Electronics is important in setting the broadcast standards of tomorrow and pioneering future TV technologies, and we are very pleased to work with LG Electronics on such an important milestone."

Go LG and SES to Demonstrate 4K HFR Technology at SES Industry Days