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Meet the Largest 4K TV... Ever!

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How big can a 4K TV get? If your pockets are extremely deep, the answer is extremely big-- for customers with the space, C Seed 262 is a screen measuring 262-inch (or 6.65m) diagonally.

C Seed 262Made by Austrian luxury electronics specialist C Seed, the C Seed 262 is the result of a collaboration with French audio vendor L-Acoustics. Its huge (6144 x 2574mm) frame contains 10 integrated speakers making a 7.1 or 9.1-channel surround system, a built-in 4K media server and a motorised fabric cover to protect the screen.

Speaking of the screen, the actual display features an panel with black LED technology offering 800 nits brightness and 5000:1 contrast ratio.

The 262 is not the first giant TV from C Seed-- in 2012 the company worked with Porsche Design on a 201-inch outdoor LED TV that was the winner of a Red Dot design award for the year. The showpiece TV pops out of the ground and flips open, making it ideal for outdoor events.

How much does a giant TV cost? The answer, obviously, is a lot. The price totals €490000, and that's before one factors installation, which adds a "project management package" worth €35000. For such a price, one can buy multiple 100-inch TVs and create an own, larger video wall!

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