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BuzzFeed Cooks With Smart Hot Plate

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BuzzFeed expands its popular Tasty cooking videos in a perhaps unexpected hardware-based direction-- the Tasty One Top is a smart hot plate customers sync with a smartphone app via Bluetooth.

Tasty one TopThe One Top is a pentagonal device with soft corners. It comes in black or light blue, and features a trio of buttons (two for raising/lowering temperature, one for power) and lights to indicate plate temperature and cooking instructions. To start cooking, customers need to select a recipe from a selection of 1700 found in the companion app, with the One Top chiming and dinging to indicate when to move to the next step.

One can also use the One Top a regular, manual mode to cook whatever they wants, as well as control it remotely via app.

The One Top is the brainchild of one Ben Kaufman, who founded Mophie, failed smart device startup Quirky and home automation platform Wink before going to lead the BuzzFeed Product Lab. Actually providing most of the technology, such as the means to measure pan temperature (rather than that of the hot plate surface) is GE.

Buzzfeed's smart hot plate ships from November 2017.

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