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QSC and Wyrestorm Join Software Forces

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QSC and WyreStorm announce the integration of the QSC Q-SYS Platform and WyreStorm NetworkHD AV over IP solutions, bringing together two distinct networking technologies.

WyreStorm QSCAccording to the two companies, the Q-SYS Media Stream Receiver software component within Q-SYS Designer Software has been updated to allow for simple connection to the audio stream generated by any NetworkHD 100, 200 and 400 series AV over IP encoder. This allows Q-SYS to ingest the audio content presented to the encoder by its HDMI source device, and then process and route to any destination on the network.

Secondly, QSC will release control and monitoring plug-ins for the NetworkHD series, allowing for simple source switching, control and monitoring directly from the Q-SYS Platform and Q-SYS touchscreen controllers.

“Open standards for NetworkHD signal encoding and distribution over the network enabled engineers to produce proof-of-concept audio integration between WyreStorm and Q-SYS in a matter of hours," WyreStorm says. "This allows them to focus far more on the integrator experience and ease of configuration, which will save them time and money whilst stepping up the quality and capability of their systems. Delivering an end result for the customer that will surpass their expectations.”

The ability to integrate WyreStorm NetworkHD series audio streams with Q-SYS Media Stream Receiver is available in Q-SYS Designer Software v6.0 and higher. Q-SYS control and monitoring plug-ins for the NetworkHD series should follow in a later release of Q-SYS Designer Software.

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