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Schlage Smart Deadlock Works With Android

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Android-using customers get another smart door lock option-- the Schlage Smart Deadbolt. The company also launches the Sense Wifi Adapter, a means to remotely control the smart lock.

Schlage lockAs the flagship Schlage smart lock, the Smart Deadbolt was previously only compatible with iDevices. The companion smartphone app allows users to create up to 30 unique access codes, schedule when said codes are use and monitor past lock activity. The lock relies on keycodes, meaning it cannot be spoofed like some wireless systems can be, and uses Bluetooth to confirm the person entering the code is the one linked to the code in question.

Previously the Smart Deadbolt only allowed some measure of remote control through pairing with Apple TV, but customers get a second means through the Sense Wifi Adapter. The device connects to home networks, and provides means for home owners to check and control their locks. It can also send notifications whenever the door is unlocked, all without need for a home automation platform.

The Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt and Sense Wifi Adapter are available now.

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