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Crystal Screens Intros 130-inch Home Theatre Screen

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Crystal Screens Crystal Screens announces the Reflect 3.0-- a 130-inch diagonal screen tailored for high-end home cinemas, featuring holographic technology the company says rejects all kind of ambient light sources.

The screen also provides uniform optical performance over all colour spectrums, as well as excellent contrast and black levels in bright, dim or dark environments. It comes in the increasingly popular 2.4:1 aspect ratio, aka CinemaScope.

“It’s a wider format than standard 16:9 so you won’t have the distracting black bars on the top and bottom of the screen,” the company says. “The frame will match the video because most popular movies are now filmed using the wider aspect ratio.”

The fixed screen ships unassembled, reducing shipping costs and lead times. One can also produce endless screen lengths with no seaming, and it includes a 3-inch wide, velvet-covered bezel with a proprietary easy to assemble frame tensioning design.

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