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The MS-TestPro HDBaseT Tester

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Media Solutions proposes a solution for the compatibility issues involved with HDBaseT-- the MS-TestPro, a handheld HDBaseT testing tool complete with a systems certification mode.

MS-TestProThe MS-TestPro allows for field testing fo HDBaseT communications systems and cabling. It features a built-in HDMI pattern generator, link monitoring, logging and link diagnostics capabilities, allowing for quick and accurate configuration analysis and troubleshooting of all HDBaseT ports and signals. It means installers can ensure consistent AV signal quality and guarantee interoperability with any HDBaseT device before completing installation.

The device consists of 4 parts-- the tester itself, a transmitter module, receiver module and remote unity adapter. Users can set source compatibility, display ability to accept HDBaseT, and either side of the cabling, allowing them to quickly isolate which part of the system is causing signal interoperability.

Since more systems are moving towards 4K, the MS-TestPro is 4K-ready, and can handle the testing of HDBaseT signal routing of 4K UHD and DCI standards. After all, 4K systems are more sensitive to ambient influences, be it signal interference, connector performance, termination quality and CATx cable specs.

The MS-TestPro is available now in two models-- one with wifi and browser-based management interface (MS103TDs) and one without (MS102TD).

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