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Savant Brings TrueImage Back

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Savant first introduced the TrueImage back in 2009-- and now the lighting control interface is back, as the company reveals the next generation of TrueImage at CEDIA 2017.

Savant TrueImageAccording to Savant, TrueImage leverages patented virtual lighting concepts to allow users experience virtual lights in any rooms on their mobile devices. The software runs on iOS and Android devices, and uses the cameras found in smartphones and tablets to quickly take photographs of rooms or light fixtures.

Once a photo is taken and stored, all user interfaces in the system update automatically, including the Savant App, touchscreens and remotes. One can touch, control and dim lights in a simulated version of the room using the photographic image, and TrueImage updates the colour and dimness setting of the light on the interface in real time.

The interface also updates all user interfaces in the system automatically, including the Savant Pro app, touchscreens and remotes, and allows one to turn lighting loads on/off and adjust light colour temperature.

“TrueImage reflects our mission to deliver the best smart home user experience through ongoing innovation unavailable anywhere else. This new interface brings even more value to automated lighting for Savant,” the company says. “TrueImage is unlike any other control solution and will enable integrators to differentiate themselves when presenting smart home solutions to their prospective clients.”

TrueImage ships on October 2017 together with a range of coloured smart bulbs and LED light strips.

Go Savant Unveils Reimagined TrueImage