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An xPRESS Keypad for Sonos

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iPort announces an alternative means to directly control Sonos devices-- the xPRESS, described by the company as the first wifi keypad dedicated to the wireless speaker platform.

iPort xPRESSThe xPRESS keypad pairs with any Sonos device via wifi. It has play/pause, track forward, volume and Sonos favourites buttons, and can control an entire Sonos home sound system when grouped in party mode. The actual device is portable, and powered via rechargeable lithium battery promising 4-6 months of use on a single charge.

Interestingly the controller is magnetic, meaning customers can simply stick it to a fridge or oven. In case one wants on-wall mounting a wall plate adaptor is included.

Setup should also be easy via the iPort Connect app-- it just requires a choice of network and which Sonos to control.

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