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ZigBee and Thread Join IoT Forces With Dotdot

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ZigBee and Thread Join IoT Forces With Dotdot

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The ZigBee Alliance and Thread announce what is described as a a solution to the fragmentation of the connected device industry-- Dotdot, an open, interoperable IoT language running over the Thread IP network.

DotdotAccording to the two companies, the IoT currently faces the same challenges as the early internet since connected devices lack the equivalent of open, universal protocols over IP. Dotdot, as a common device language over the Thread IP network, promises to be the solution to such woes, providing "the high-quality, interoperable user experiences needed to drive growth."

Dotdot is not a new standard. Instead it allows the ZigBee standard to work on the Thread network. Both standards are backed by industry-leading companies, and already find use in homes and offices. As such, Dotdot simply extends IP to low-power IoT devices, providing an option in end-to-end connectivity and interoperability.

“Zigbee and Dotdot are the product of 15 years of innovation by our members, and the experience that comes from over a decade of building successful products,” the Zigbee Alliance says. “This maturity is why major technology leaders have chosen Zigbee, and Dotdot over Thread now brings that value to new markets. This marks the first of many partnerships to come as we extend our application layer across additional networks to accelerate time to market and unify the IoT for all stakeholders.”

The Dotdot specification is available now to ZigBee Alliance members, with a Dotdot Certification program to follow from Q3 2018.

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