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James Loudspeaker Unveils 2.1 Format LR-S Soundbars

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James Loudspeaker launches the LR-S format series of 2.1 soundbars, producing left and right channel audio as well as bass energy from a centre-mounted built-in subwoofer.

SoundbarThe soundbars are customisable to match nearly any flat-panel display, and are ideal for bringing clarity and full-range sound to applications where an external subwoofer is impractical. The company initially engineered the LR-S soundbar solution to cater for commercial applications such as lobbies, showrooms and nightclubs, but the residential market has also adopted the format for bedrooms and other zones where surround sound is not required.

Currently available in the company's SPL5, SPL6 and SPL8 series soundbars, the LR-S soundbars offer high output, superb clarity and bass extension below 60Hz from any size form factor. The 2.1 configuration is ideal for matching with the James Loudspeaker A2.1, a 3-channel amp with on-board crossovers and independent controls for easy calibration.

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