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PureLink and Savant Team Up in 4K Video

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PureLink and Savant announce a partnership in 4K video-- one combining Savant residential switching products with PureLink's commercial 4K/UHD video matrix switchers.

Purelink SavantBoth PureLink UX-8800 and UX-4400 (8x8 and 4x4) 4K HDMI switchers support HDCP 2.2 and HDMI 2.0b (4:4:4/60Hz), and each includes a SmartHost Premium license. Also coming soon is the PureLink HCE II extender, an HDMI over HDBaseT transmitter package able to push 4K signals up to 70m over a single CAT cable.

"Savant's expertise in the home control and automation space is second to none," PureLink says. "We are delighted to partner with them and bring their customers the same high-quality innovative designs used by our most demanding commercial clientele."


The CEDIA Online Community

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CEDIA launches an exclusive online community-- one the organisation describes as another touchpoint for members wanting to develop and sustain connections within the industry.

CEDIAThe CEDIA Community platform provides a space to connect with peers across both one's region and across the globe to discuss hot topics, share ideas with industry experts and thought leaders, and extend the conversation after in-person events. It also offers access to downloadable resources.

"So many CEDIA members share the same story of making a connection with someone in the industry who became a critical part of their success," CEDIA CEO Vin Bruno says. "We love to hear these stories, and my own career has been significantly shaped by the people I have met and learned from along the way. We are thrilled to be able to offer CEDIA members another avenue to connect with one another year-round."


Roland Buys V-Moda

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Audio gear maker Roland buys a 70% stake in headphone manufacturer V-Moda, a move described by the two companies as "a brand new partnership" with plans to "develop the next breakthrough music products."

V-ModaPost-acquisition V-Moda founder Val Kolton will retain the rest of the company and his post as CEO. He will also act as a product design consultant for the Roland dance, DJ and electronic music division. V-Moda will also continue running as an independent company, if one leveraging on its new owner for further expansion and engineering resources.

Kolton is actually no stranger to Roland, having collaborated with the company on an AIRA-branded version of the V-Moda M-100 headphones.


China-Based LeEco Buys Vizio

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LeEco, the Chinese internet and CE company, acquires Vizio-- the 2nd biggest TV maker in the world following Samsung-- for $2 billion, creating a combined entity worth $4 billion.

LeEco VizioPost-acquisition Vizio should continue operating under the same name as a wholly-owned subsidiary. However its viewer data business Inscape will spin off into a separate privately-owned company controlled by Vizio founder and CEO William Wang.

"I have mixed feelings," Wang admits about the deal. "As the owner and father of Vizio, I am very reluctant to let it go. But as the CEO and owner of the company, I know this is the right decision to make for our hard-working employees and loyal shareholders."


Joan Earns Red Dot Distinction

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Red Dot Award

More than 5000 entries wanted this year's international Red Dot Award for Best Product Design—and yet someone from our industry won this prestigious prize.

Joan Meeting Room Assistant took home the Red Dot Award, the first-ever Red Dot winner for a meeting room scheduling solution (and digital door label) to win this highest of international distinctions for high design quality.

Joan is a next generation room booking device using an E Ink e-paper display with 180° viewing angle, great visibility and no glare (even in direct sunlight).


The award recognizes Joan's elegant design, reflecting modernistic simplicity with no buttons and an intuitive interface. Our editors believe the judges might have also recognized the beauty behind an anthropomorphic branding of an elegant product with the face of Joan to personify a room meeting assistant.

Developed by a global market leader in electronic paper signage, Visionect designed Joan exclusively for room booking signage. Dedicated from birth to its task, Joan is installed in minutes (without cables as it is easily attached to any surface) and she leverages the existing wi-fi network to connect to popular online calendars and to hold conversations with the smartphones and tablets of room users.

Joan is the greenest digital door label on the market with a power consumption that the maker says is 99% lower than other room booking signage solutions. Joan lasts up to three months on a single battery charge, with a lighter environmental footprint. If the battery runs out, Joan even lets you know with an email reminder.

Joan Digital Door Label

Earlier this year, The CES Innovation Award for innovative design and engineering applauded Joan’s extreme energy efficiency,.

While the fundamentals of Joan are its accessible price (RRP EUR 349) and ease-of-use, its intelligent technology and appearance fulfil the needs of a modern workplace that is morphing to fit the habits of an internet age.

Joan’s development has indeed been influenced by its earliest users – Microsoft, Dell and Dreamworks. Microsoft’s “New World of Work” campaign recognizes Joan as one of the tools that improve productivity and rethink how things get done in a modern workplace.

Joan has been entrusted with meeting rooms at more than 100 companies and organizations because—besides being a pretty face—Joan pays for herself by increasing productivity. Those annoying no-show meeting (ghost meetings!) cost business as much as $30 million per year in USA alone— and other organizations (churches, government, museums, non-profits, military...) may not quantify the loss in the same way but still suffer from similar disruptions.

Joan’s "Check into" meeting function eliminates no-shows/ghost meetings, saves money and time-- and helps optimizes valuable office space (allowing the ghosted conference or huddle room to be reallocated for immediate use).

Born in Europe, Joan is also very Continental with a host of languages she can speak. By localizing the technology that employees will use daily—like any good room meeting assistant-- Joan improves communications and efficiency.

She is constantly adding new languages, including some out-of-the-world choices just to show how easily Joan picks up language.

Should any Klingons break free from their space on Star Trek to meet and congratulate her on winning the Red Dot Award, Joan is capable of greeting them properly.

All we can say is, YI’el, Joan!

Go Joan Learns New Languages

Go Joan Partner Program


CEDIA Names 2016 Awards Winners

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CEDIA AwardsCEDIA EMEA revealed the 19 winners of the 2016 Awards on 1 Friday 2016, during a ceremony held at the Guildhall, London attended by 400 home technology professionals.

The 2016 awards had the most entries to date-- 200 to be precise, coming from over 18 countries. Hosting the ceremony was British comedian Marcus Brigstoke, while the black-tie event consisted of a drinks reception followed by a 3-course dinner.


Crestron Opens French Experience Centre

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Crestron expands its European presence with a first Experience Centre in France, specifically in Nanterre, Paris, the fifth such centre opened worldwide.

CrestroncentreThe company already has a UK Experience Centre in Cobham, as well as 3 US centres located in California, Texas and New Jersey. The centres showcase the latest Crestron technology in an immersive environments, allowing dealers to demonstrate company solutions to prospective customers.

Solutions on show include the DigitalMedia A/V distribution system, the IP-based .AV Framework, Pyng home automation technology, Fusion enterprise management software, the PinPoint indoor navigation system and a variety of touchscreens and handheld remotes.