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LG Display Goes All Out on OLED

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LG Display has big plans for OLED technology-- the company announces the investment of almost $7 billion (or 7.8 trillion Korean won) over the next 3 years in OLED panel production in order to meet demand from smartphone and TV makers.

LG OLEDsThe company plans to open 3 OLED production lines, two in S. Korea and one in China. Both will produce glass and plastic panels suitable for next-generation smartphones and in-vehicle displays. In addition, around $2.5bn will go in the development of larger OLED displays, while $4.5bn will go towards a separate line of flexible OLEDs.

As a result, the total LG is investing in OLED technology totals $13.5 billion (15 trillion Korean won). The success of recently launched OLED panels for TVs such as the Wallpaper OLED and Crystal Sound OLED (CSO) is cited as part of the reason behind such spending.


TrendForce: TV Panel Sizes on the Up

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According to TrendForce's WitsView global LCD TV panel shipments total 123.35 million units in H1 2017, a -0.1% Y-o-Y decline, with demand for mid-size panels offsetting the traditional seasonal effect during H1 2017.

The industry was faced with the risk of tightening panel supply following the closing of the Samsung Display L7-1 Gen-7 fab at the end of 2016, leading to TV brands stocking up on panels.

Trendforce TV Panels

In the meantime prices of panels in the 40-43-inch size range are up by an average of nearly 70%, the result of TV brands shifting demand towards larger size segments. Thus, the average TV panel size is 44.7-inch in H1 2017, a 1.7-inch increase from H1 2016, and global shipments of TV panels in total area for H1 2017 is also up by 8.7% Y-o-Y.


iRoom Intros surDock On-Wall Docking Stations

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sureDockiRoom announces a pair of new on-wall surface-mount products-- the surDock and surDock mini, non-removable stations designed for use with the iPad and iPad mini respectively.

The surDock permanently charges the iPad through the included power supply, ensuring it is always ready for use as a home automation control system or as a wireless music streamer for an audio system. It fits all current iPad models, except the 12.9-inch iPad Pro.


Loewe Intros bild 5 OLED TV

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Loewe bild 5German TV maker Loewe announces the bild 5-- a TV featuring OLED technology together with HDR and Dolby Vision support, all inside an angular frame in either silver oak or high-gloss piano black.

Designed by Loewe creative designer Bodo Sperlein, the bild 5 is just 4mm deep and, since it features an OLED panel, needs no backlighting. On the audio side a built-in 5.1 multi-channel decoder and digital audio link allow users to add more speakers and a subwoofer.


Spanish Broadcaster Manages Dolby Vision/Dolby Atmos Broadcast

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Spanish broadcaster RTVE is the first national channel to complete a live broadcast in Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision, namely the 5 July transmission of the historic Solemn Changing of the Guard.

Dolby vision broadcastThe ceremony was transmitted live in Dolby Vision High Dynamic Range (HDR) and Dolby AC-4 sound, the next generation audio (NGA) format able to carry Dolby Atmos sound and mixes. It used the 4L DVB-T2 trial channel operated by RTVE and Cellnexx Telecomm. The broadcast was available on terrestrial channels in Madrid (channel 32), Barcelona (channel 43) and Seville (channel 36), and was received by viewers with a 4K HDR TV.

Delivery of said broadcast involved a pair of outside broadcast trucks-- one for video, the other for audio. Also involved were a cabin housing EVS recorders for video production, camera control units, reference monitors and analysers, as well Dolby equipment required to incorporate Dolby Vision and Dolby Audio technologies. A satellite uplink distributed the signal via the Hispasat satellite to Barcelona and Seville.


Meet the Largest 4K TV... Ever!

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How big can a 4K TV get? If your pockets are extremely deep, the answer is extremely big-- for customers with the space, C Seed 262 is a screen measuring 262-inch (or 6.65m) diagonally.

C Seed 262Made by Austrian luxury electronics specialist C Seed, the C Seed 262 is the result of a collaboration with French audio vendor L-Acoustics. Its huge (6144 x 2574mm) frame contains 10 integrated speakers making a 7.1 or 9.1-channel surround system, a built-in 4K media server and a motorised fabric cover to protect the screen.

Speaking of the screen, the actual display features an panel with black LED technology offering 800 nits brightness and 5000:1 contrast ratio.


TVMucho Brings a New Vertical Market: Expats

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Vertical marketing. We all know it is the way to get closer to customers.

TVMuchoNow TVMucho brings you to a "sleeper" vertical market that has been underestimated.  There are 6.5m expats in Spain, 7.8m in the UK, 10m in Germany, 2m in the Netherlands and more than 45m in the U.S.

TVMucho is a software-based product that offers access to TV broadcasts from users’ home countries. TVMucho works on smart TVs, set top-boxes, PCs, Mac, mobile and tablet devices anywhere in the world.

There are no regional blocks so no computer or VPN/IP shield is required.

TVMucho targets a huge worldwide group. "We've spent a lot of time and effort researching those expat customers, and we can claim to understand them better than any other TV provider," says Vincent Weberink, CEO at TVMucho.