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System Integration for the Connected Home


Lutron Intros Blind Control at ISE

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Lutron showcases its latest blind control solution at ISE 2013-- the wireless RadioRa 2 system, controllable via smartphones, tablets and other web-enabled devices.

RadioRaThe solution consists of a wireless Main Repeater enabling open integration with other systems, as well as the internet. RS232 connectivity allows integration with a number of 3rd party systems, while a built-in timeclock handles blind operation at set events throughout the day.

A 2nd ISE 2013 Lutron announcement is a partnership with window decor supplier Coulisse. Customers get a collection of over 700 fabrics and materials for roller blinds and honeycomb blinds as well as a variety of materials for venetian blinds and pleated fabrics.

Also seen at the show are the HomeWorks QS and EcoSystem lighting control systems, together with a variety of ballasts and drivers such as the Hi-lume A-Series driver and the LowPak Relay load controller.

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An End to Flourescent Lighting?

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Is plastic key to the next generation of lighting? Scientists at Wake Forest University claim to have developed a type of light bulbs as efficient as LEDs but without any of the drawbacks.

FIPELCalled FIPEL (Field-Induced Polymer Electrolumeniscent), the technology consists of 3 layers of moldable light-emitting polymer (aka plastic) blended with a small amount of glowing nanomaterials. Once an electric current is applied the system produces a bright white light without the harsh, bluish tint LEDs tend to have

The scientists say the system is "at least twice as efficient" as CFL bulbs and is on par with LEDs. It can also be moulded in any shape (from 2x4-foot sheets to regular bulbs with Edison sockets) and bulbs produced are unbreakable, non-toxic, non-buzzing and long-lasting.


App-Controllable Lighting, Via Socket

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App-controllable light bulbs appear to be the next bright thing. Philips sells one, and so does Insteon. Now Spark Devices suggests an alternative system on Kickstarter-- the Spark Socket.

Spark SocketThe Spark Socket is a device customers screw into a regular socket, before screwing in any dimmable bulb. It allows users to control lighting (on, off, dimming) via wifi connection and iOS/Android apps, without the need for new lighting or major wiring.

The system also has a number of additional functions, such as a "sunrise" alarm clock (slowly fading on lighting at a set time), turning on/off all lighting via a single button, or flashing on lights when one receives a new email or text message. For further functionality, wannabe developers can also make use of the RESTful API.

Spark Sockets already exist in working prototype form, and the makers now look for funding (or "preorders," rather) on Kickstarter. One socket costs $60, with shipping estimated to kick off by around July 2013.

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Philips Take on App-Controllable Lighting

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Philips enters the app-controlled lighting arena with the Hue-- an LED lightbulb with brightness and colour settings controllable via either PC or smartphones.

Philips HueEach Hue bulb carries 11 LEDs in 3 different colours (red, lime, blue) providing up to 16 million colour combinations. Philips even claims Hue bulbs can even recreate the ultimate in light sources, incandescent lighting. Control comes through app (iOS and Android) or web-based interface on the Philips website.

Users can set individual bulbs with different lighting settings. The app also has "LightRecipes," 4 built-in presets based on "research around the biological effects that lighting has on the body."

The system itself works via hub connecting to router via Ethernet cable. It runs on the ZigBee LightLink protocol and is compatible with other devices running on the standard while using less power than wifi.

Philips also promises a pain-free setup-- screw in the Hue bulbs, plug in the hub and press a button.

The Hue introduction package includes 3 bulbs (enlargable to 50 bulbs), with each bulb providing 600 lumens of brightness.

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Crestron Releases Shades Design Tool

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crestron design toolCrestron makes selling its new shades portfolio more simple with the Crestron Design Tool (CDT)-- a web-based design tool simplifying design, quotation and ordering tasks.

It has various benefits such as:

  • Automatically selects the appropriate motor and tube size
  • Eliminates guesswork-- all configuration options are displayed, and if you make an incompatible selection CDT shows how to correct it
  • Access can be granted to multiple employees so you have visibility and access to all projects-- even if someone is out of the office
  • Easily organize shades in every room by creating a project hierarchy (by window, room, or entire building) making it easier to find what you are looking for
  • Generate quotes for a specific room, floor or building easily
  • Quote and order individual portions of a project
  • Email quotes and other project related detail to anyone directly from the software

The CDT is availabe to all Crestron dealers who completed Crestron Shading Solutions training.

Watch Crestron Design Tool

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The Wifi-Controlled, Multi-Colour Bulb

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The LIFX is an interesting take on the familiar LED bulb-- a wifi-controllable "smartbulb" allowing not only remote on/off and brightness control but also a full range of lighting colours.

LIFXThe bulb is energy efficient, being a RGB phosphorous COB LED lamp. Using a master/slave system it connects to home routers via 802.11n and to other LIFX smartbulbs via 802.15.4 mesh networks.

Control comes through iOS and Android apps and is complete with timer and mood lighting options.

Currently using Kickstarter for pre-orders, LIFX already has orders worth $1.3 million after less than a month... with an original goal of just $100000.

App-controlled LED lamps are not a new concept-- back in March 2012 NEC lighting showed off a prototype with an integrated speaker and Bluetooth connectivity.

Go LIFX: The Light Bulb Reinvented

Savant Integrates LightTouch

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Savant Systems transforms the LiteTouch product portfolio into Savant Lighting Control, a series installers can integrate within the Savant automation ecosystem or use as a standalone lighting control system.

Savant LightingBest known for AV control systems based on trendy Apple products, Savant bought LiteTouch from Nortek back in February 2012.

LiteTouch users can activate lights via Savant keypads as well as the iOS and Mac apps from the company, including TrueControl and TrueImage Control.

In addition installers can set up Savant Lighting Control products as part of a standalone lighting solution, with the same interoperability LiteTouch offered to 3rd party control vendors. Savant's backwards compatible hardware and software designs allows for support and system upgrade of all LiteTouch systems already installed in the field.

The company will also continue supporting 3rd party lighting control systems through the Partners in Excellence Program.

Savant Lighting Control will be available from Q3 2012 through both Savant and LiteTouch dealer networks.

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