Pioneer Debuts Flagship PD-70AE SACD Player

Pioneer clearly believes audiophiles still care for the humble CD as it presents the PD-70AE-- a flagship CD player and DAC combining original pickup control and quiet drive technologies with the latest in digital audio design.

Pioneer CD PlayerThe PD-70AE promises the best in components, including a full-balanced circuit featuring independent left and right channels to minimise interference when passing analogue signals through a balanced input. An on/off switching function for RCA output is also available for a high signal to noise ratio and high separation for XLR output.

The digital and analogue circuitries have individual power supplies, while a custom electrolytic capacitor promises to bring out the best from CDs and SACDs. The RCA terminals are machined and gold-plated, and a lock range adjust function allows customers to make fine adjustments in a six-increment scale in order to reduce jitter.

Users also get a 3-mode digital filter with "Slow" (soft and warm), "Sharp" (solid and tight) and "Short" (quick and forward) sound characteristics. The chassis features Rigid Under Base construction to eliminate external vibrations, and the CD drive is housed inside a shielded case complete with honeycomb-imprinted top cover and anti-vibration paint.

The PD-70AE ships in either black or silver from November 2017.

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