Fibaro Updates Entry Sensor

Fibaro starts shipping the Door/Window Sensor 2-- a Z-Wave Plus-certified smart home device customers can install on any door, window, gate or set of blinds in the home or office.

Fibaro sensorThe Door/Window Sensor 2 connects to either the Fibaro Home Center ecosystem or a Z-Wave hub, and is accessible through companion app on smartphones, tablets or browser. It monitors the status of the door, window, gate or blinds it is connected to, and reports back any change in open/door status, helping avoid theft, break-ins or energy loss if a door is left unintentionally open.

The update also features an internal temperature sensor, allowing it to report abnormal changes in temperature. It also pushes temperature data to the Fibaro energy management dashboard found in the Fibaro desktop app, allowing users to monitor temperature changes, maximise efficiency and reduce energy bills. In addition, a tamper sensor boosts security by alerting the user if someone tries to remove it.

A final feature allows the sensor to trigger pre-customised scenes-- for example, if the front door is opened and the Door/Window sensor is triggered, it can play a "welcome home" scene with a series of pre-programmed actions, such as turning on the front hall lights, activate the air conditioning and playing music.

The sensor is available in white, and is easily mountable to any style door or window via included two-sided adhesive.

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