Ihiji ProVue Combines RSM Platforms

Remote systems management (RSM) provider Ihiji presents ProVue-- a combination of Invision and Service Manager providing the remote monitoring, management and support of client technology via refreshed user experience.

Ihiji ProvueA redesigned UI of the initial ProVue web releases simplifies setup and management without sacrificing the power of Ihiji solutions. Meanwhile improved Invision features use the Ihiji device module and identification library for auto-discovery, device identification, setup and deep insights.

A ProVue Mobile app allows field technicians to more easily configure and discover devices on-site, as well as manage all power reboots while on-the-go. Another addition is HomeVue, a means for customers to get a snapshot of system health and perform self-help reboots.

“Ihiji has spent years working with dealers to understand the challenges of lifetime client support, remote systems management and service plans," the company says. "Over the past 12 months, our team has honed that focus in on improving the technical remote systems management portion of that equation by improving usability for the dealer. Although a significant focus of ProVue is on simplifying setup and management of remote monitoring, our team has gone to great lengths to look at the bigger picture. The ultimate goal of ProVue and HomeVue is to incorporate additional self-service and value add features for clients."

The platform is available through the Ihiji Invision and ServiceManager pricing model, as well as a "fremium" service and no-monthly-fee lifetime pricing options.

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