RTI Ships White T3x Remote

RTI WhiteRTI announces a special edition of the T3x handheld system control-- one with a white finish, part of a 25th anniversary celebration allowing dealers to vote on their favourite finish colour.

The T3x remote was first shown off in different finishes back at ISE 2017. In the aforementioned special edition colour vote, the white finish won by a landslide, leading to the white version of the flagship remote.

Colour aside, the special edition T3x is essentially the same to its regular counterpart. It comes with a 3.5-inch flush-mount high resolution touchscreen and fully programmable soft-touch buttons, together with grip sensors, accelerometer, two-way control, wifi, dual-RF and more.

The touchscreen gives haptic feedback via subtle vibration to confirm button presses, while the addition of a built-in camera and microphone turn the remote into an intercom device, allowing installers to incorporate it into a wider whole-house control and monitoring system.