The RTI Custom Control Kit

RTI presents a custom control kit-- the C2K1, a package integrating Pro Control solutions into the RTI control platform for the first time, providing customers with a jump start into home automation.

RTI Control KitThe kit bundles an XP-3 control processor, Pro Control Pro24.z remote and an unlimited RTiPanel license. The processor features a built-in ZigBee RF transceiver to allow bi-directional communications with compatible RTI and Pro Control remote controls. In addition to control options (including IR, RS-232 and relays) the XP-3 uses two-way drivers to provide uers with feedback from 3rd party devices and event scheduling.

The RTiPanel app for Apple and Android devices allows an unlimited number of users to control installed electronic systems via smartphone or tablet. Meanwhile the Pro24.z remote features a 2.4-inch touchscreen, programmable 5-way joystick and backlit hard buttons.

The Custom Control Kit C2K1 is available now.

Go RTI's New Custom Control Kit Provides a Jump Start to Home Automation, Plus Easy Upgrade Paths