What are the CE Trends of IFA 2017?

The pre-IFA 2017 press conference details the what visitors are to expect at the trade show-- with offerings including ultra-slim TVs, high-quality audio components, 360-degree cameras and 3D printers.

Christian Goke“We believe it’s time to define consumer electronics in a new way," Messe Berlin CEO Dr. Christian Göke says. "The boundaries between consumer electronics and home appliances, the digital and the physical worlds, are blurring. Whether it is in the kitchen, the living room or the office, the “consumerisation” of devices is exponential room to healthcare and wellness, automotive, mobile devices Internet of Things and the smart home, to new fields like drones, virtual, augmented and mixed reality."

The press conference also provided details on the CE market-- according to GfK director Jürgen Boyny sales are likely to take a slight dip in 2017 (from $949 billion in 2016 to $945bn in 2017) before recovery in 2018 ($954bn). Driving the market are 5 key trends, namely the rise of mobile commerce and mobile payments, the mainstreaming of VR/AR, the growth of smart home, connected cars and autonomous driving, and wearables.

Meanwhile appliances are showing growth, as 2017 global appliances sales are up in 2016 by 2-4% to $186bn. To that sum one has to add $60.5bn in sales of small appliances, a 5% increase over 2015. Boyny points out total consumer technology sales will soon top $1 trillion.

As for what will be on show at September's IFA, the organisers mention super-slim TVs one can mount flush on walls via magnets paired with either slim soundbars or "wafer-thin" soundbases. Wireless wifi/Bluetooth speakers will make a definite appearance, as will wireless headphones and hi-fi devices able to play lossless high-resolution audio.

The IFA Next section will highlight VR and AR hardware, namely headsets and 360-cameras ranging from both professional models to smartphone lens attachments. Voice-controlled assistants and automatic helps will also be "key tops," as will a bevy of wearable fitness trackers one can attach to all parts of the body.

IFA visitors should get something of a special souvenir this year-- a 3D-printed model of themselves, as reproduced via large 3D scanner able to trace the contours of an adult in only a split second.

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