How to Sell More B2B-- via Amazon Business...

Amazon Business will run a workshop at IFA Global Markets, Station Berlin, Sept. 3-6th.

Amazon BusinessNow sellers can expand their B2B sales via Amazon Business and benefit from new features that tailor offers to the needs of business customers--offers like business-specific pricing, quantity discounts and exclusive business offers.

The free workshop (registration required, limited to 40 at a time) will show you how to get new business customers using Amazon Business-- and how to tailor your business offers and increase your sales conversion.

Amazon Business wants you to benefit from higher visibility of your business offers and from lower fees on high volume transactions.

Amazon's new VAT Calculation Service automatically generates VAT invoices on your behalf for all Amazon orders, saving effort for manual invoice creation.

You can also learn how to BUY from businesses in this Amazon business workshop.

To our knowledge, it is the first workshop Amazon Business has run at IFA Berlin--and it underlines Amazon's commitment to rev up B2B business just like it did in B2C.

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