Kanex Pro Gets International Distribution

KanexProKanexPro announces more international distribution-- its products are now available from select distributors in a number of European countries, namely France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey and Poland.

The company sells connectivity products allowing installers to broadcast, extend, split or multiply HD signals in any environment. FVS and Comil handle Kanex products in France, while Exhibo takes care in Italy, Dystron in Poland, Media-Sys in Spain, AV Distribution in Switzerland and Atempo in Turkey.

“We’re pleased to announce international distributors, making KanexPro’s solutions available throughout N. America, Asia, Europe and S. America,” KanexPro says. “Over the last year, we have worked hard to strengthen our presence among dealers worldwide, which is something we’re continuing to work on. We want to be able to offer the latest connectivity technology to IT and A/V markets across the world with best in class support.”

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