How to Turn a Piece of Paper into a Lamp

British company Bare Conductive takes to Kickstarter to launch the Electric Paint Lamp Kit-- a means to turn "any piece of paper" into a touch-sensitive lamp, with not tools, programming or special skills required.

Electric paint lampThe kit contains three different lamps, namely a touch version, one with a dimmer and a proximity lamp controlled by putting a hand over a pad. All use a non-toxic electrically conductive paint dubbed Electric Paint. It works on a variety of materials (including paper, plastic and textiles), and acts as buttons for a light-up board made of 6 LEDs.

The light-up board is USB-powered and features the 3 aforementioned lighting modes. As well as paper, the board and paint can also be used with lamps made of different materials, allowing one to go really creative if they have a cutting machine Cameo at hand.

As mentioned earlier the Electric Paint Lamp Kit is currently available through crowdfunding. Should the campaign be successful it is set to ship from December 2017.

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