What If Google Made a Free Chromebox?

Here's a festive thought for the end of 2013: What if Google made a free Chromebox?

Grinch Stole the Chromebox

Google has made it BIG by expertly giving away its technology to earn an audience.

Google Search, of course.  But think about all the Google products you might know, love and use.

Do you use Gmail? That's free...

Google Maps? Yep, free, too.

Google Docs? Free..

Google Talk? Sure, free.

Google+? OK,maybe you don't use this yet but soon Helpouts will pull you in.  Yes, it's free.

YouTube, Picassa, Chrome OS and Android... all the Google hits roll on..and they are ALL free.


So why does Google think it has to make money SELLING the Chromebox?

What would happen if Google gave away the Chromebox to promote its other products? Maybe Google doesn't realize how important FREE is to their success? Maybe Google thinks when they get into hardware, they should start acting like a hardware company?  But all the hardware guys look at Google's fast-growing success with nothing but envy.

Check out our festive Power Point as we bring in Dr. Seuss to get this message across to Google. Maybe it's time we had a free Chromebox...

Go What if Google Made a Free Chromebox?