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LG Presents "Dual Premium" TV Strategy

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LG launches plans of a "dual premium" TV strategy for 2017-- one involving the launch of OLED screens together with next generation Super UHD LED TVs featuring Nano Cell technology.

LG OLED TVUpcoming LG OLED TVs include the 65-inch W7, a display less than 4mm thick when wall-mounted. The company plans to launch five 4K OLED TVs in its home Korea, in screen sizes ranging from 77/65W7, 77/65G7, 65/55E7, 65/55C7 and 65/55B7. More details on specific models in other markets will be revealed locally at time of launch.

Meanwhile Nano Cell technology uses 1-nanometre particles to offer is described as superior colour reproduction by absorbing unnecessary light waves. Such capability allws the LCD displays to filter out specific colours with greater precision, rendering each colour exactly as intended.

According to LG the colour red on conventional TVs blends with other colour wavelengths, such as yellow or orange, leading to it fading and taking a yellowish hue. Nano Cell technology also promises consistent colours at wider viewing angles, with "virtually no colour difference" between viewers sitting directly in front of the screen and those watching at a 60-degree angle.

The 2017 LG OLED and Super UHD TVs feature Active HDR and support for all HDR formats, including Dolby Vision, HDR10 and HLG (Hybrid Log Gamma). Another addition is an HDR Effect feature improving on the brightness and contrast ratio of standard definition content.

“Our 2017 TV lineup features state-of-the-art display technologies that break the boundaries of TV viewing,” the company adds. “This year, we will continue to extend the premium TV market with a dual premium strategy based on our unrivaled OLED TVs and groundbreaking SUPER UHD TVs with Nano Cell display. With these innovative TV products, our customers will be able to enjoy the best home entertainment experience that the industry has to offer.”

Go LG Set to Lead Global TV Strategy With Dual Premium Strategy