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Chord Company Launches Sarum T Cables

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Chord Company presents the Sarum T-- an update on the flagship Sarum cable range featuring Taylon insulated conductors for what the company claims is a major performance upgrade.

Chord Sarum TThe Sarum T range covers analogue and digital cables, and consists of a mains power cable, analogue interconnect with RCA, XLR or DIN terminations, digital interconnect (S/PDIF, AES/EBU or BNC) and speaker cable with banana or spade connections. All make use of Taylon, the proprietary insulation material first seen in the ChordMusic portfolio.

According to the Chord Company, Taylon originates from communications cables used in the material. As a high-tech alternative to PTFE it is phase-stable at room temperatures, and preserves critical timing information when used in audio cables.

Also included in the Sarum T cables is Super ARAY mechanical optimisation, factory terminations and hand-made construction. The range is available now.

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