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Sonos Presents the Playbase

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Sonos confirms a long-running rumour with the announcement of the Playbase, an all-in-one wireless speaker designed to sit under TVs.

Sonos PlaybaseDescribed by the company as "equal parts TV speaker and music speaker," the Playbase carries 10 drivers (6 midrange, 3 tweeters, 1 woofer) and 10 digital amps inside a 58mm thick. It can operate as either a standalone audio device or pair with other Sonos products for surround sound and bass, and includes one digital audio input.

Playbase control comes through Sonos app allowing users to stream over 30 audio streaming service to the device, including Apple Music and Spotify. Meanwhile a Trueplay feature tunes the Playbase by analysing the room it is in via smartphone microphone. The company says later this year it will also add Alexa support for users wanting to control the Playbase using voice alone.

The Playbase hits the market on April 2017.

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