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Rapid Growth for DAB Radios

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According to GfK, H1 2017 sees "rapid" growth in DAB+ receiver sales across Europe, in good part driven by the Norwegian switchover from FM to DAB+, as well as the development of digital radio markets across the continent.

DAB radioThe research covers Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, The Netherlands, Sweden and Switzerland. It shows sales ae up by 30% Y-o-Y for H2 2017, reaching 1.1 million audio home systems, tuners, receivers, clock radios, portable radios, radio recorders and aftermarket car radios.

As mentioned earlier, Norway was a key sales drivers-- the country sees H1 2017 sales grow by 192% Y-o-Y. Digital Radio Norway says overall sales total 4.1m, and 78% of Norwegian households own one or more DAB+ sets.

The next country to start digital switchover (DSO) will be Switzerland in 2020. A major advertising campaign already started earlier this year, bringing about a 9% Y-o-Y increase in Swiss DAB/DAB+ receiver sales in H1 2017.

German DAB+ sales are up by 11% Y-o-Y to total 500000 units, while sales in the Netherlands and Belgium are up by a combined total of 40%.

“Within the radio sales of the first half of 2017, the share of DAB/DAB+ has increased across all nine countries compared to last year," GfK remarks. "Norway’s digital switchover has had a significant impact on growth in Europe, alongside increased demand from countries investing in expanded DAB+ networks and services such as Germany.”

Go Strong Growth for Digital Radio Sales in Europe