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James Loudspeaker Intros Omni Planter Speakers

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James Loudspeaker announces a trio of Omni Planter speaker systems-- all featuring a down-firing subwoofer and designed for applications where in-ground solutions are not practical.

James PlantersThe Omni Planter models promise 360-degree "sparkling clear" audio, and house a decorative plant of choice inside the top section. The all-aluminium powder coated enclosure is available in an array of standard and custom colours, as well as different configurations such as units without rear-firing satellites (for use in corners or against a wall). For commercial applications and securing to solid surfaces the company offers tamper-proof brackets and bolts.

Typical applications for the loudspeakers include rock-scape areas or any environment where traditional satellite/subwoofer combinations cannot be installed. They are also ideal for large open seating venues such as outdoor theatres demanding detailed and dynamic coverage as well as high output.

Available Omni Planter models include the 89AT4-P (3-inch satellites/8-inch subwoofer), 89AT70-P (premium 70V version), 109AT4-P (4-inch satellites/10-inch subwoofer), 109AT70-P (premium 70V version), 129AT4-P (6-inch satellites/12-inch subwoofer) and 129AT70-P (premium 70V version).

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