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Home Theater

Barco Shows Off Ultimate Home Cinema at ISE

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Barco Residential shows how it plans to change high-end home AV at ISE 2016 as it joins forces with Steinway Lyngdorf and Stewart Filmscreen to bring an ultimate home theatre experience.

Barco ISE 2016Dubbed "Cinema at Home," the theatre features a "Thor" Barco DCI class 6P laser projector, a Steinway Lungdorf in-wall sound system with Auro-3D support and a screen from Stewart Filmscreen. In related residential offerings the Barco stand also shows installers how to build an custom integrated rear-projection "TV" in CineScope or 16.9 aspect ratios, together with a showcase of Barco LED wall and image processing technology.


B&O Controls Home Theatre Via Cloud

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Bang & Olufsen launches BeoLink SmartHome at ISE 2016-- a cloud-based means to integrate B&O products with other home devices, including custom installation offerings from the likes of Crestron, Control4 and Savant.

BeoLink SmarthomeTo bring together audio and video products with home automation systems BeoLink SmartHome uses an IFTTT-enabled channel on the cloud. IFTTT (If This Than That) allows users to create simple conditional commands combining and programming products and services lacking a common home automation standard.


Yamaha AVR Firmware Gets HDR, DTS:X

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Aventage YamahaYamaha announces a number of 2015 Aventage AVRs will receive HDR support and DTS:X compatibility via firmware update, including the RX-A1050, RX-A2050, RX-A3050 and the CX-A5100 models.

HDR is part of the UHD Blu-ray specification, and support comes through an update to the latest HDMI version (2.0a). The latest firmware also provides the latest HDMI version and copy protection, as well as support for the DTS:X content platform.


Murideo Shows Prisma for Image Fidelity at ISE 2016

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Murideo’s Prisma is a highly advanced single-in single-out video processor. Other processors might have similar features individually, says the maker… “but none of them can do it all like the Prisma.”

The Prisma combines two very powerful image processing technologies - a 3D Cube Lookup Table and the PrismaVue.

The Prisma’s 17x17x17 3D LUT and PrismaVue technology give the user control over image fidelity.

The PrismaVue is similar to what is found in most image processing applications like Adobe Photoshop. It provides much higher quality sharpening than a simple sharpness control on a television. Through three simple controls, it can enhance edges, give clarity or soften video compression artifacts.


The 3D LUT is widely used both by video professionals and by videophiles to enhance and correct colors in their digital workflow. .

The Prisma implements an industry standard 3D Cube Lookup Table (3D LUT) for accurate color adjustments. The cube can be used for color accuracy, color enhancement, or for color matching. For color accuracy, 3rd party software can be used to create calibration tables that are loaded onto the Prisma. For enhancement, you select one of the pre-installed tables for better movies and sports modes. For video professionals that have libraries of 3D lookup tables, these exact tables can be loaded onto the Prisma.

The Prisma is fully controllable through its built-in web server. This lets you select Cube and USM tables and settings directly from any web browser-- including smart phones and tablets.

For video production, the Prisma can load common 3D LUT tables for reproducing specific looks and adjusting raw footage colors.

For digital signage, the Prisma can accurately match colors between panels.

For control and automation, the Prisma features a modern built-in web server and http API.

Supported by SpectraCal – CalMAN (Ultimate, Professional, ISF, Studio,Enthusiast), Light Illusion - Light Space and Argyle color management software packages.

Go Murideo’s Prisma


Onkyo Intros BD-SP353 Blu-ray Player

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Onkyo launches the BD-SP353-- a slimline Blu-ray player deck complete with DivX Plus HD, AVCHD and high-resolution audio capability together with 1080/24p video and multi-channel audio support.

Onkyo playerThe player features a number of user-friendly inclusions, including a Quick Start function (reduces disc-loading times), a Continue Mode (bookmarks and resumes video playback after the unit is powered down), Quick (1.5x) and Slow (0.8x) viewing modes and a short skip/replay function. Controls comes through an included full-size remote.


Building the IR Blaster: YZC Electronics

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YZC Electronics Flat IR Extender

YZC Electronics & Technologies Limited, a Singapore invested joint venture company, is a worldwide leader in IR (Infrared) products, founded with the vision that IR & wireless would revolutionise the way people interact with their electronics equipment. We caught up with Mr. Kobayashi, president, to ask more about the category of IR and IR extenders/blasters.

Who uses the Flat IR Extender/Blaster and why?

Many homes prefer closed cabinets that hide electronics. Our Flat IR Blaster lets residential installers control that hidden AV equipment. It’s simple and effective yet adds value to any home installation. And while Flat IR Blaster is designed for home theatres-- even some CCTV systems and the hotel market have found our product solves their problems.

You are currently recruiting European distributors for a new remote control IR extender system. You call it “a breakthrough in the AV industry.” Why do you believe this is a breakthrough?

Installers and their consumers now no longer need a DC adaptor to power up their IR Extenders. The designed-in low power consumption lets Flat IR Blaster’s replaceable battery last for up to 18 months. If that isn’t enough to make installers happy, Flat IR Blaster is also the only one of its kind in the market with flat cable features.

And the IR Blaster is built in?

Yes. The Flat IR Blaster comes with a receiving distance of 8.0m, emitting blasting distance of 30cm, emitting frequency range of 38 kHz to 56 kHz and a receiving frequency range of 34 kHz to 60 kHz. Most importantly, it works with almost all brands and models of remote control including those with new IR code formats (such as RC-MM) used in many newer HD devices and digital TV decoders.

The Flat IR Blaster includes a Single Emitter of extreme blasting capabilities, a feature that amplifies or extends the remote signals for all the AV equipment-- without necessarily sticking an individual emitter onto each piece of equipment.

You actually have a range of products. Tell us more about the full range.

We are the only company in the world which has full focus on IR Extender, and I mean only IR Extender. We try to satisfy customers from all levels be it end users or integrators. We have the basic cable type which is easily available in most of the electronics stores and the more sophisticated ones (HT series) for integrators when the home owners wanted more than a basic IR Extender.

We are very careful about pricing to protect our distributors and avoid a price war. We usually do not have more than 2 distributors for every 6-8 million of population. To encourage loyalty and marketing for our distributors, we do an Annual Rebate as well as a Festive Purchase program which all our current distributors simply love and benefit from.

Tell us about how YZC Electronics came into the business of infrared electronics…

We started off in 1989 as a Singapore agent for Sanyo Semiconductors and we worked and supplied integrated Circuits to an EMS in USA. In 1996, we had the opportunity to work with one of the Chief Engineers, Mr. Yu, when he left the position and we foresaw the Intelligent Home as “the next big thing.” So we decided to start something simple for smart home. Little did we know this “something simple” would lead us to a milestone of almost 20 years.

Along the way, we wanted to add some other AV accessories in our product line but we backed off after careful research. We feel we should stick to what we know best. It has not been easy to be where we are today if not for the acknowledgement of importance in sincerity. We are still trying to keep things simple yet sophisticated at the same time ensuring stringent cost and quality control to share profits with all our distributors.

Watch The Short Video with How IR Extender/Blaster Works

Go YZC Electronics

The Oppo Blu-Ray Transport for Custom Install

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Oppo launches the BDT-101CI-- a Blu-ray disc transport designed for the custom install market featuring a modular design suitable for various applicaitons.

Oppo BDT-101CIInstallers get the choice of 1 or 2 HDMI outputs via additional HDMI output module, as well as an HDBaseT output board helpful for long cable runs. In addition Oppo offers a choice of stereo or 7.1-channel analogue audio outputs, as well as an optional rack mount kit. Control comes through RS232, IP and a switchable rear IR sensor allowing for clean IR blaster/emitter installation.