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Control and Home Media Systems

NetStreams Touch Screens Go Larger

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NetStreams launched two new IP-Based in-wall LCD touch screen controllers at this years’ Denver CEDIA Expo. Featuring NetStreams’ largest screen size to date, the new TouchLinX TL700 has17.5cm LCD touch screen, while the new TouchLinX TL430 sports a 10.5cm LCD touch screen. The new controllers offer menus and graphics with higher resolutions, are designer-friendly, and require little or no programming by installers.

Made for use with NetStreams’ DigiLinX IP-Based Multi-Room Audio/Video and Control solution, both the TouchLinX TL700 and TL430 feature NetStreams’ StreamNet technology and include a built-in microphone for integrated intercom, room-to-room paging, zone monitoring, as well as an IR receiver. Both models feature attractive LCD touchscreens with a widescreen aspect ratio, and anti-glare resistance.

Says Petro Shimonishi, NetStreams VP Marketing and Product Management, “… dealers can realize tangible benefits of IP-Based technology thanks to easy installation and minimal programming. There’s no question that IP-Based products are the future for the industry. With NetStreams, dealers can offer a completely IP-based solution to their customers today that is compatible with the future. “

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Neither a Control System, Nor Media Center PC to Be: Fuze

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FUZE Media Systems emerged from stealth mode to launch its next-gen whole-home media management solution at CEDIA.

Built to manage media (not a control or MCE system), FUZE delivers a complete HW/SW system that stores, manages, organizes, and distributes digital media to any part of the home. Live TV, recorded TV, movies, videos, music, digital photos, and more are all stored and managed centrally.

With FUZE, media is no longer tied to a particular device or a particular location in the home. Regardless of where a user records a show or video (HD included)—or where music or photos were originally stored—any TV or speaker in the home can easily access any media at the touch of a button.

FUZE offers its own parallel gigabit network, for quality of service (QoS); remote monitoring to ensure continuous operation; DRM-friendly whole-home HD video; Internet-based content; whole-home capability for all media functions; and a simple, easy-to-use interface.

The system delivers whole-home PVR (including HDTV) with multiple CableCARD tuners, offers built-in whole-home audio capability, and enables one-touch digital photo slideshows. The entire system operates with a single pre-programmed remote, leverages a single interface throughout the home, and centrally stores all media.

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Crestron Introduces HD-CATV Distribution System

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Crestron introduces the first 12-zone bidirectional CATV distribution amplifier featuring individual gain and tilt adjustment for each output.

The MediaManifold MM-DS-12 integrates all of the elements of a complete pro head-end into a single compact module, replacing the numerous splitters, combiners, amplifiers, and cables that make up a typical distribution system. MediaManifold delivers high power and headroom, low noise and distortion, and drives signals up to 300 feet providing performance for distributing both analog and digital cable TV signals. Setting proper gain and tilt levels are easy using the built-in automatic calibration, or the optional handheld cable analyzer.

Today's High Def digital cable systems need high quality signals to function properly. A poor digital signal results in pixelation, freezing, and even complete loss of picture. Tuning traditional HD distribution systems present the challenge of selecting a single gain and tilt level for all signals, regardless of cable length, resulting in under and over modulated signals throughout the home.
The Crestron MediaManifold is designed to set levels individually for each RG6 coaxial homerun - up to 300 feet - to ensure a clean, full-bandwidth signal at every TV throughout the home.

Designing and installing a high-performance video distribution system is easy with MediaManifold. Instead of several separate amplifiers and splitters, the MM-DS-12 is a single, compact surface-mount module. In addition to its 12 independent outputs, an additional output is provided for cable modem and digital phone, and an external modulator can also be connected to enable signals from security cameras and other video sources to be combined and distributed along with the main cable TV channels.

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