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System Integration for the Connected Home


Turn a Smartphone into a Security Device

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RicoCustomers wanting to breathe a second life to a spare smartphone might be interested in the Rico, a toy-like security device which uses any older smartphone as its brains and eyes.

The concept behind the Rico is that smartphones already have a camera, microphone, speaker, processor and wifi/3G connectivity, and while the average handset has a shelf-life of around 24 months, older devices should be recycled in a creative way. That's where the Rico unit comes in. It houses any smartphone (Android 2.2 or iOS 6) under 4.5-inch in size and adds motion detection, temperature, carbon dioxide and humidity sensors, as well as the ability to control smart sockets.


A Different Smart Lock

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The market offers a variety of smart lock solutions, all acting as replacements for your customer's current deadbolts. Haven sidesteps this design with its Smart Lock, a wedge one installs at the base of the door, inside the house.

Haven Smart LockAccording to the company this design is actually more secure than a deadbolt replacement, as it is anchored at the base of the door, the strongest point of the entryway. With steel, glass-reinforced nylon and aluminium construction, it promises to not only keep doors shut but also be lock pick-proof and strong enough to withstand even the force of a battering ram.

Installation appears simple enough-- measure the door for proper mounting, drill one hole in line with the included template and install via two mounting brackets.


Facial Recognition Reaches the Front Door

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Chui doorbell Startup company Chui debuts at CEDIA Expo 2014 with a device combining facial recognition, advanced computer vision and machine learning to create a smart doorbell able to put a face to the user's key.

According to the company the doorbell can recognise individuals and perform tasks specifically to them, such as unlock doors, activate connected devices and setting said devices to individual preferences. So for instance it can adjust the thermostat to a specific temperature and switch on the TV once the homeowner arrives at front door.

It also provides smartphone text alerts to let homeowners know who is at the door, as well a 2-way audio feature.


Withings Home Combines Camera, Sensors

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Withings launches a home-monitoring camera/environmental sensor combo at IFA 2014-- Home, a connected device featuring a camera, two microphones and temperature, humidity and air quality sensors.

Withings HomeThe camera portion features a 135-degree wide-angle zoom and "clear" night vision, allowing it to detect both general motion and the presence of people. Meanwhile the microphones detect sound and specifically  recognise crying, allowing use as a baby monitor.

It links to smartphones via app, and send alerts should it detect anything unusual. Such events are also stored on the cloud, providing users with an interactive timeline.

As for the environmental sensors, the company claims the device can help users build a healthier environment by alerting them to changes in temperature, humidity and air quality, including Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) levels.


RTI Automation Gets SnapAV Security

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Remote Technologies Inc (RTI) simplifies the integration of SnapAV surveillance video solutions within RTI control systems with 2-way drivers for SnapAV Warpath PTZ IP cameras, DVRs and NVRs.

RTI SnapAVThe Wirepath PTZ camera driver provides direct pan, tilt and zoom control of up to 24 IP cameras via RTI wired or wireless UI, including the RTiPanel app, with live video viewing as easy as choosing a camera from a list and recalling up to 256 camera position presents.

It supports jpeg image capturing and allows users to view cameras directly ethernet-enabled RTI controllers. The interface also enables automation functionality, with trigger events such as turning on lights or sending an email based on motion sensing, input sensing and video loss notifications.

Meanwhile the Wirepat DVR/NVR driver provides RS-232 and IP control over the recording and playback functions of SnapAV surveillance video recordings.


Belkin NetCam HD+ With Wifi, WeMo

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The Belkin NetCam HD+ is a wifi camera providing customers with 720p resolution footage via PCs and mobile PCs, as well as cloud storage, easy setup and compatibility with WeMo home automation ecosystem.

Belkin netcamWeMo compatibility allows one to set rules or connect activities with other WeMo products via the WeMo app-- for example pairing the NetCam with a WeMo Switch to turn on a lamp when the camera detects motion.

The NetCam features a wide-angle glass lens, night vision and a built-in microphone for 2-way conversations while checking what is going on in the house.


Touchscreen Variant for Kwikset Lock

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Kwikset reveals an updated version of the SmartCode 914 deadbolt lock at ISC 2014-- one featuring a touchscreen and UL certification.

Kwikset LockThe touchscreen allows customers to activate the lock with a simple touch. It automatically detects correct codes and, of course, unlocks doors.

A dedicated button allows for one-touch locking, while Home Connect technology (in both Z-Wave and Zigbee versions of the lock) handles integration with other home automation components.