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System Integration for the Connected Home


Crestron’s Lighting Expansion Modules

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Crestron’s CLS-EXP line of lighting expansion modules. Providing custom installers and integrators with an added level of versatility when using  Crestron dimmers and lighting solutions, the CLS-EXP modules enable the Crestron iLux™ lighting system and other Crestron lighting dimmers to handle more load types, a wider range of voltages, and larger loads.

CLS-EXP modules work with iLux integrated lighting systems, CLW-Series in-wall dimmers and select CLX-Series lighting control modules. Easy to install, CLS-EXP modules connect to the output of the controlling dimmer just like a light fixture. Each model can be quickly wall mounted and include conduit knockouts on the bottom and lower sides.

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Light Up Your Bath

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AminaAdd even more LEDs to your privy. Made of polyethylene, this bathtub features multicolored, programmable LEDs. Available in red, white, lemon yellow, pink, and fluorescent orange.


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LED Light Bulbs for Home?

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LED Light Bulbs

Lighting Science Group will sell a portfolio of LED replacement white lightbulbs which use the same sockets as Edison bulbs.

The bulbs should perform well on a warmth and color rendering index--blue looks blue, yellow looks yellow, etc.--they have a long life cycle, and consume 80 percent less energy than incandescent bulbs.

Lighting Science Group sells its products through wholesale stores and on its own Web site, but it expects to announce distribution deals with one or two retail chains to make the new LED bulbs more available.

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