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CasaTunes Brings DIY Multiroom Audio With musicBox 6

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Customers wanting a fully customisable do-it-yourself (DIY) multiroom audio solution might be interested in the CasaTunes musicBox 6 and companion Configurator Tool.

musicBox 6The cloud-based Configurator Tool allows one to create, save and view projects at any time, while providing a full documentation set for simplified installation, maintenance and troubleshooting. The company says creating a project takes "less than 5 minutes," with the tool automatically displaying appropriate musicBox 6 servers alongside components as the user adds the rooms where music will play.

Once the musicBox 6 system arrives, customers can follow the step-by-step instructions generated by the Configurator Tool for wiring. Then one powers up the equipment and presses the "Configure my musicBox" button to upload the project configuration to the musicBox 6. Once setup is complete, the final step is to download the CasaTunes mobile device app for control.

The Configurator Tool even allows for speaker customisation-- the default speaker configuration is stereo, but one can also choose a Bridged mode to provide up to 4x the power to the speaker, or power speakers via existing AV receiver. CasaTunes adds the Configurator Tool automatically configures the musicBox for the DIY customer, ensuring each room is identically controlled regardless of how the speakers are powered.

Each musicBox 6 contains a 4-stream CasaTunes server, 6-room power amplifier, 6 keypads and an IR remote. Each stream is a standalone music player, providing each family member a dedicated player. The package is available for 6, 12 or 18 rooms, and is shipping now.

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